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Shoulder injuries are extremely common among athletes who repeatedly perform movements that rely heavily on the shoulder, like swimmers, baseball players, and tennis players. Zachary Perlman, DO, is an internal medicine and sports medicine specialist at Kai Sports Medicine in Little Silver, New Jersey. His integrated approach to shoulder injury treatment places his patients at the center of their care program, allowing him to treat the symptoms and the root cause for a more effective recovery. Call today to make an appointment, or book through this website.

Shoulder Injury Q & A

What is a shoulder injury?

Your shoulder comprises several joints, tendons, muscles, and bones — including the upper arm bone (humerus), collar bone (clavicle), and the shoulder blade (scapula). This complex makeup gives your shoulder a broad range of motion but also makes it one of the joints most susceptible to injury.

A shoulder injury can affect any element of the shoulder joint. Dr. Perlman has years of experience in treating all types of shoulder pain using nonoperative treatment methods.

What are the symptoms of shoulder injury?

Despite the various ways a shoulder can become injured, the symptoms of a shoulder injury tend to be common to all. They include:

  • Arm weakness
  • Stiffness
  • A dull, aching pain
  • Instability in the shoulder joint
  • Pain that disrupts your sleep
  • Restricted arm movement

Dr. Perlman treats most shoulder injuries, but he recommends you visit an emergency room if your shoulder joint looks deformed, is severely swollen, or you experience intense pain and/or can't move your arm at all.

What causes a shoulder injury?

The reasons behind a shoulder injury vary significantly and relate to bone, tendon, and muscle. Here are some of the most common shoulder injury causes.

Rotator cuff tear

The rotator cuff is the group of tendons and muscles that hold your arm in place and allow you to raise it. A rotator cuff tear can occur because of a fall, through overuse, or from wear-and-tear as you age.


A shoulder becomes dislocated when the top of the arm pops out of the socket because it has rotated too far. 

Cartilage tear

Soft, rubbery cartilage circles the rim of your shoulder joint, acting like a shock absorber or padding. Overuse or excessive force can damage the cartilage, making it feel like the shoulder joint is catching or locking.


You can break any of the bones that form the shoulder joint. The collarbone is one of the most common bones to break in a fall because it functions as a built-in shock absorber.


Tendinitis flares up when the tendons in the rotator cuff become inflamed. This condition can occur suddenly because of an injury or gradually over time.

You don't realize how much you rely upon your shoulder until it's injured. Seek pain treatment today. Call Kai Sports Medicine or request an appointment through this website.

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