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Many people ignore hip pain, thinking it will pass. But untreated hip pain can lead to pain transferring elsewhere in the body or even be a sign that something is wrong in other areas. Experienced practitioner Zachary Perlman, DO, welcomes people with hip pain to his practice at Kai Sports Medicine in Little Silver, New Jersey. He has years of experience diagnosing and treating hip pain conditions, working closely with his patients to create holistic treatment programs. Call or use the web inquiry form to schedule a consultation today.

Hip Pain Q & A

What are the symptoms of hip pain?

Hip pain can be a condition all its own or a symptom of something else. Your symptoms help Dr. Perlman determine what's causing your hip pain, allowing him to create the most effective treatment plan for your needs.

If the cause of your pain is the hip joint itself, you will typically feel pain in your groin or inside the hip.

Pain caused by the soft tissues — tendons, ligaments, and muscles — surrounding the hip joint tends to radiate around the upper thigh, outer hip, and outer buttock.

Your hip pain may also be referred pain. This condition occurs when the pain from another part of the body travels to the hip.

Dr. Perlman has years of experience in treating hip pain. However, if a loud popping noise accompanies your hip pain or your hip joint looks severely swollen or deformed or is bleeding, you should visit an emergency room before seeing him.

What causes hip pain?

The hip joint comprises the pelvis and the ball of the thigh bone (femur). Cartilage acts as a buffer between the two, and a number of ligaments, muscles, and tendons allow the joint to move and rotate. Damage to any of these components can cause hip pain, but some of the most common causes include soft-muscle strain, hip labral tear, and tendinitis.

Soft-muscle strain

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments support the hips. Overuse can cause strain and inflammation, preventing the hip joint from working effectively.

Hip labral tear

A ring of cartilage surrounds the outside rim of the hip joint socket. A hip labral tear occurs when this cartilage becomes torn — an injury common among people who often perform hip-twisting movements. 


Tendons are bands of tissues that attach muscles to bone. They can become inflamed through overuse.

Dr. Perlman identifies the root cause of your pain so he can treat the problem at its source, rather than just manage the symptoms.

What is the treatment for hip pain?

Hip pain treatment varies depending on the cause. Dr. Perlman creates individualized treatment plans that address both the physical and emotional factors contributing to pain and ill health. They may include: 

  • Rest
  • Medication to relieve pain and stiffness
  • Physical therapy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Pain management practices

Untreated hip pain can affect your mobility, preventing you from taking part in the activities you love. Take back control over your health and reach out to Kai Sports Medicine today. Call or request an appointment online.

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