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“I was impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Perlman's approach in attending to evaluate where my pain was coming from. He spent a great deal of time just physically moving my arm around to see what I could do, what I could not do, and brought me over to the computer imaging so he could show me exactly where the problem was. The treatment he provided worked.”

Michael Kessler
Patient, Swimmer, Grandfather

“Dr. Perlman examined and correctly diagnosed the seriousness of my problem. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Perlman, by his quick action I feel he saved my life.”

James Szabo


“Dr. Perlman was extremely helpful, very pleasant, patient, informative, and it was a very good experience. We enjoyed the visit.”

Cliff & Betty Dykeman

“We visit with Dr. Perlman frequently. He fully explained the condition, and his treatment plan is very successful. Dr. Perlman uses state of the art equipment and the latest techniques in the diagnosis and effective treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.”

Alice Johnson

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